EDP-C2: completely electronic electromagnet controller for excavators (mobile cranes)

Scrap and metal recycling electromagnet controller.



The EDP-C2 electromagnet controller for excavators (mobile cranes) is completely electronic. In addition to having an extended service life, it offers these advantages:


Note that the EDP-C2 is the smallest electromagnet controller on the market and the easiest to install in his categorie. 

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications for the EDP-C2 electromagnet controller for excavator (mobile cranes) are:


Safety should always be a primary concern. The EDP-C2 electromagnet controller for excavators (mobile cranes) was designed with safety in mind.


Electronics require no maintenance. You therefore avoid production costs and reduce your operating costs. Also, the controller has no mechanical parts. When common problems are detected by the controller, they are placed in buffer memory. All of the controller's inputs and outputs are continually displayed in real time. Positive and negative voltage and amperage are identified by upper and lower case letters. With this information and telephone support, you can adjust the level of efficiency to 30% greater than what is indicated on the electromagnet's identification plate if needed and if your generator has the capacity. Thanks to this data, you can solve problems online. No more waiting for a technician to become available.



The EDP-C2 controller is very easy to install. All you have to do is connect a few wires.  EDP CONCEPTION also give a service of installation.


Example of parameters that can be adjusted on the keypad to increase performance:

The EDP-C2 comes with basic parameters that are practically universal.



Hydraulic DC system available in 5 KW until 33 KW.

Hydraulic pieces for lifting  magnet system. 



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